Member of BiH Presidency Komšić Received Jelko Kacin

Member of BiH Presidency Željko Komšić received yesterday in Sarajevo Jelko Kacin, the President of the Delegation of the European Parliament for South East Europe.

They spoke about BiH’s path to NATO and the EU and the problems that have caused a delay in reforms.

Jelko Kacin reiterated that BiH and all its citizens have the necessary support in this area, but that “politicians have to take serious steps”.

Komšić and Kacin spoke of the human rights situation in BiH in a wider context from the “Sejdić-Finci’’ ruling.

They spoke about the relations in the region, which have to lead to stabilization and mutual respect.

Komšić stressed that the future of all countries in the region is the EU and NATO, and that after accession there could be a new historical phase in relations between countries in the region, phases that would be devoid of conflicts.

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