First Regional Conference on Improving Rights of LGBT People

rainbow-webThe first regional conference on the topic “Improving the situation of human rights of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people in the Western Balkans”, with the focus on the situation of human rights of LGBT people in B&H and in the countries of the region will be held in Sarajevo.

“Fight for the rights of marginalized groups, among them LGBT people, has always been difficult and slow, especially in conservative communities like ours. However, B&H is on the right path towards building legislation and mechanisms for protection of universal human rights”, said Besima Borić to Fena,  a representative of the House of Representatives of the FB&H Parliament.

“Parliamentarians in B&H have a lot to do in regard to the mechanisms for the protections of human rights, particularly in the application and implementation of the law. This is a duty of the entire society in raising awareness in regard to the groups that are less popular and to fight for their rights. Systematic work is needed to change awareness in society”, stated Borić.

The representatives of the state institutions for the protection of human rights, organizations of civil society from the region and institutions of the EU will discuss at today’s conference good practices on the protection of human rights and LGBT people.

Sarajevo Open Center and the Fund for Open Society B&H are the organizers of this event on the occasion of the International Day for Human Rights.

(Source: Fena)

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