The first wind farm in USK to be built by the end of the Year?

Administrative procedures, namely the issuance of the necessary permits, for the construction of the first wind farm in the Una Sana Canton (USK), specifically in Teocak near Bihac, are nearly finished and it is expected that the investor will begin with the realization of this 40 million to 50 million BAM project by the end of this year.

Sefic Stulanovic, the president of the Committee for Concessions of USK, confirmed this and highlighted how the procedure for granting concessions was completed last year and was granted to the company IVICOM from Zagreb, which realized projects in the field of energy.

The concessional permit grants the firm the use of over 1,000 hectares of land in the aforementioned locality for the construction of eight wind turbines, each of which would generate up to five megawatts. The concessionaire was also granted the right to construct facilities that would convert wind energy into electric energy, with the caveat that the total energy of all wind turbines would be no more than 40 megawatts.

According to Stulanovic, the concession was granted for 30 years and it will start when the wind turbine starts working. One of the conditions of the concessional agreement was that the offered concessional compensation won’t be less than 2% of the profit generated.

Stualnovic says that investors are interested in constructing wind farms and added that using the energy resources of USK in the following time will be one of the strategic goals of the current government of this canton.


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