Five Companies from BiH at “Foodex Japan 2013” Fair

Five Companies from BiH (Vinarija „Čitluk“ d.d. Čitluk; Podrumi Andrija d.o.o. Čitluk; Vinarija Nuić d.o.o. Ljubuški, Vinarija Tvrdoš Trebinje and Sava Semberija d.o.o. Bijeljina) will participate at the 38th international food and drink fair “Foodex Japan 2013”, which will be held in Tokyo from 5-8 March.

Their participation at the fair was made possible by the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) in cooperation with the Embassy of Japane in BiH, the Ministry for Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BIH, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade Chambers and the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

It was organized thanks to special support of the program “JETRO zone”, which is intended for companies in developing countries that deal with producing food and drink.

This program offers to producers a chance to present their products for the first time in the Japanese market. The aim is to make contact with potential business partners.

Companies that are selected for this program received the opportunity at exhibit at the fair at a lower cost of participation, a chance to consult with Japanese experts regarding the food and drink market, as well as free use of other services at the fair.

Even if the competition for this program was also open to exporters from other countries in South East Europe, five companies from BiH were chosen as the only ones from the region that would exhibit as part of the “JETRO zona” at the fair.

Since this is the first time that companies from BiH are presenting their products in Japan, this program has brought with it the understanding and support of the relevant institutions in BiH who have lent their financial and logistical support to these companies.

The organizers expect that the BiH companies would achieve success at the fair in Japan, which could strengthen the trade relations between Japan and BiH, in an announcement from VTK BiH.

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