Floods will affect the Increase in Prices of Agricultural Products in BiH

Floods will affect the increase in prices of agricultural products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, warn farmers who are facing a particularly difficult second part of 2019.

The total damage caused by floods and constant rainfall on BH agricultural land is yet to come, but it is already true for agricultural producers that they will have an extremely difficult time.

The consequent damages caused by the rivers flowing from their basins into certain parts of our country on agricultural parcels.

Manufacturers are trying to save what to save can, but in most cases unsuccessfully.

Onion, potatoes, beans, carrots and parsley planted by Remza Bajric from Lukavica village Orahovica are almost completely destroyed, and the recovery will take a long time.

“Our parcels have been flooded for half an hour, and there is a real chaos, “says this agricultural worker, owner of two parcels that were destroyed in 2014.

Due to poor weather conditions and irregular payout, the spring sowing was largely late, and the recent floods only aggravated the situation further.

The president of FBiH Farmers’ Association Nedzad Bico said for says that the damage in percentages after the floods will only add up.

As he pointed out, the consequences of elemental disasters will affect a significant increase in the final prices of agricultural products, which are already extremely high.

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