General Huston: BiH has made significant Progress in the Military Assets Registration

The Commander of NATO Staff in BiH, General Robert A. Huston, addressed the public on the occasion of New Year’s reception of NATO and stated that BiH has made significant progress in the process of registration of military assets.

He thanked his partners in the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH, as well as all international partners who remained committed to support BiH’s path to Euro-Atlantic integrations and the activation of the Membership Action Plan (MAP).

“BiH has made a significant progress in the process of registration of immovable military assets as the state property. Currently, according to the Ministry of Defense, more than half of military assets have been registered. Second, the implementation of the Review of Defense is going very well. The Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces are almost done with the task of creating a detailed structure of units that will come into force after activation of the MAP. The Review includes personnel, equipment and vehicles. The Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense of BiH are conducting the Review in a very professional way,” stated Huston.

Although not large in size, the Armed Forces of BiH have a significant positive influence in the international operations. The Armed Forces also made a positive step regarding the development of solutions for regional issues. The Armed Forces and civilian bodies will continue to train with their neighbours and regional partners,” stated General Huston.

According to him, they participated in exercises that took place in BiH, Germany, Romania and Serbia this year. BiH was the host of the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC). During this exercise, BiH hosted more than 1,200 participants from a total of 34 countries. That represented a great success not just for BiH, but for NATO and partner countries as well.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)


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