German company Henkel to open new factory in Bileća

bileca_001Representative of the German company ‘Henkel’ announced today in Sarajevo that they plan to build a factory in Bileća, worth 7 million EUR.

Wolfgang Zettl, manager of ‘Henkel’ company for southern region of Central-East Europe said that the factory will produce cement-based powder products, such as different types of glues, mortars and ground leveling.

‘With this investment we express our strong belief in the economic future of BiH and we’re glad that we’ll secure 30 new jobs and with that contribute the economic development of this region’, said Zettl.

He noted that the location in Bileća was chosen because of the optimal supply opportunities, as well as the export of products.

Ambassador of Germany to BIH Ulrike Maria Knotz expressed her satisfaction with Henkel’s decision four construction of factory in BiH, which needs investments, so it could offer new jobs and better life to its citizens.

‘BiH is not a poor country, because it has a valuable economic potential, raw materials, untapped energy reserves, favourable geographical position, and educated and hardworking labour force it is a shame that the potential is not being used’, said Knotz.

She added that the obstacles that foreign investors in BiH find are well known – hard an opaque administrative procedures, questionable legal security, overwhelming influence of party politics on economic projects, and noted that she knows from her talks with German entrepreneurs that BiH has a ‘problematic reputation’.

‘Investors do not think BiH is a politically stable and that is why is very important to make progress on the road to the EU and NATO. I hope that plenty of projects, similar to Henkel’s will happen in BiH, and I hope that BiH politicians will give their contribution to that’, said Knotz.

Manager of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency Jelica Grujić promised the support to this project, and expressed hope that this is just the first step of investments of Henkel to BIH.

Henkel, with its leading brands and technologies, does business all over the world in three fields, detergents and house chemistry, Beauty Care, etc. Company was formed in 1876 and it is well known with its brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite.

(source :fena)

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