German Market Chain Lidl to enter BH Market after all?!

lidlAlready for some time, it is speculated that the famous German store chain Lidl is coming to BH market, there were assumptions of their entry and their supposed investments and acquisitions of commercial facilities in the area of Sarajevo. But the companies denied it even though they bought domain, which proves that they are talking about or having the interest in the initial initiative for entering the market of BiH.

However, ABCportal learned that Lidl is coming to BH market. The portal claims that Konzum withdrawn goods from the building of Konzum 44 into the building in Lozionicka 16 in Sarajevo.

The source unofficially revealed that Lidl is still entering BH market, which could take over some buildings of Konzum in Sarajevo. How accurate this information are, the public could find out very soon.


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