Germany Lends Support for Mine Clearance Projects in BiH

deminiranje-BiH-300x224This year, Germany ensured 2,5 million KM for humanitarian demining in BiH. On this occasion, on 7 June in Sarajevo a contract will be signed with the organization ‘’ITF Enhancing Human Security”.

Of the total amount, 958.000 KM will be directly given to “Norweigan People’s Aid”, which will by order of Germany conduct demining projects in the area of Domaljevac-Šamac and Šamac. Through a tender procedure, the rest of the balance in the amount of 1,2 million KM will be given to companies that carry out demining in BiH.

Since 1997, Germany supports humanitarian demining and cleaning of areas of ordnance in BiH. Until now, Germany has given 50,46 million KM for demining projects in BiH.

In doing so, the projects that are exclusively supported are those of humanitarian importance, meaning only those where the daily life of people is directly impacted.

After the armed conflict, landmines present an obstacle in terms of economic and social renewal. Their removal is expensive and time consuming. In BiH, 18 years after the war, there are still large areas of contaminated land in the country.

Despite the substantial international assistance, in the country there is still 1.260 km² of area that could be mined, which presents a significant problem.

With its engagement in terms of humanitarian demining, Germany indirectly contributes to ensuring the safety of BIH citizens.

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