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Gold Embroidery from Mostar can be found in Vatican

A positive example of nurturing the tradition of making handicrafts are the women gathered around the Framost Association from Mostar. They leave the tradition of gold embroidery as a legacy to younger students.

Educational and fun. With these words, the participants describe a gold embroidery workshop, where, by intertwining threads of gold thread, works of sacral and other motifs are created on a dark background.

“I learned this technique from the Carmelite nuns in Zagreb. I liked that, I started working and then I developed that work further, my friends joined me “, says Šima Ivanković, head of the Zlatovez workshop.

They combined so pleasantly with useful. Hours of working on a gold embroidery are also hours of socializing and exchanging experiences.

“Pleasant with useful, very important for the recovery of our body and spirit,” Ivankovic points out.

“We are not active on Instagram and on those platforms, we prefer not to lose that tradition, to transfer knowledge,” adds Kristina Pehar, a member of the Zlatovez workshop.

They have been transmitting it for almost 20 years. From draft preparation, through needle pricking to embroidery; it takes several hours of dedicated work to create a work.

“The scheme is glued to the base and then holes are pierced with one needle, which will be performed later,” explains Pehar.

Gold embroideries from this workshop have been noticed at various exhibitions.

The mask with the motif of Herzegovinian folk costume won the award at the competition in Zagreb, and they are also proud of the gold embroidery, which also found its place with the Pope in the Vatican.

“If you love to work and if love leads you to nothing else, everything can be learned. There were children who did not even know how to hold a needle, so they learned to make gold embroidery “, Ivanković points out.

“We simply try to make sure that if someone knows something, they pass that knowledge on to others, so that it doesn’t die out,” says Pehar.

That is the goal of this and similar workshops; to preserve the spirit of tradition and pass it on to the younger generations.

Source: Federalna

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