Goran Zubac dismissed!

zubacGoran Zubac, the former Director of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), yesterday was dismissed of duty.

On Tuesday, the Independent Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H unanimously voted for proposed dismiss of Zubac, which was automatically sent to the Council of Ministers of B&H.

This authority prepared all the necessary documentation, and after the session unanimously adopted a proposal of Zubac’s dismiss.

The Minister of Security of B&H, Dragan Mektić, recently stated that the head of one of the most important police agencies in B&H can be anyone, but he must be a professional.

After the dismissal of Goran Zubac, the current deputy director of SIPA, Djuro Knežević will be temporarily appointed for the Director of SIPA.

Knežević acts as the Deputy Director of SIPA since 2014.

“The Council of Ministers of B&H requests from the Independent Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H to start the tender procedure for the appointment of a new director of the SIPA immediately, and to submit the list of proposed candidates to the Minister of Security of B&H for further processing, in order to complete the procedure of the appointment of a new director within 60 days,” says the statement from the Council of Ministers after the decision on dismiss.

To recall, Goran Zubac, the Director of SIPA, by decision of the Appellate Chamber of the Court was sentenced on a suspended sentence of one year in prison, and after the Court of B&H confirmed the first instance verdict, Zubac was found guilty for the crime of unconscious work in service.

In the first instance of proceedings, he was found guilty for (non) acting in connection with violent protests held in Sarajevo on the 7th of February 2014, when he ignored the calls to engage SIPA’s special protection unit and protect the building of the Presidency of B&H, or to give assistance to the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of B&H in the protection of building of the Presidency of B&H, within which are several state and federal agencies, and to which was caused damage totally amounting to 339,522.41 BAM.


(Source: klix.ba)


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