Group of Residents of the City of Trebinje protested near the Border


A group of residents of the city of Trebinje gathered on Saturday at Klobuk border between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro, to express opposition to the Law on Religious Freedom in Montenegro.

Among the gathered were Bishop Dimitrije, Mayor of Trebinje Mirko Curic, president of the city’s veteran organization Dejan Bodiroga, and PDP Party MP Ljubisa Krunic, Srpskainfo news portal reports.

In this way, they wanted to support the faithful and priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, and after the request of Bishop Dimitri, they returned to Trebinje, where a new rally of support will be organized on Sunday evening.

The Law on Freedom of Religion was adopted by the Parliament of Montenegro, and the rejection of amendments by the Serbian Orthodox Church triggered incidents caused by members of the Democratic Front. Serbian politicians in the country consider this an attack on the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian places of worship in Montenegro.

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