Haad delighted with the Collection of High Fashion “Huma” (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Famous B&H fashion designer Adnan Hajrulahovic Haad presented new high fashion collection called “Huma” last night at the Sarajevo City Hall. Haad introduced more than 50 models made of cotton, silk and delicate lace, which was made on a loom.

Haad found inspiration for the fashion show in Huma, a woman who connected East and West by her birth, whose life was remembered by only one paragraph of history. She was the granddaughter of Sultan Bayezid II and Stjepan Kosaca, woman who connected Europe and Asia, tradition and modernism.

Collection is exactly like that – a combination of urban and modern with a rich tradition.

Collection Huma is knitted with the threads of fine yarns and weaved on a loom, decorated with hand embroidery and crochet work, embroidered by surma, decorated with filigree in order to tell the story of our ancestors and fit in the framework of nowadays aesthetic. Huma is the dream vision of Bosnian women, proud and valuable in its existence and told through the veil as a symbol of one time and status.

“Huma is my inspiration, and through her character I wanted to tell the story of woven fabric, weavers in B&H, knit work, crochet, bond, filigree as a link, and the wealth that give the value of B&H and to create a collection that would pull something out of that tradition that is acceptable for today’s aesthetics,” said Haad.


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