Hadzikadic: Electronic Elections are the Path to a more prosperous BiH

The President of the Platform for Progress, Mirsad Hadzikadic, told that the electronic elections in 2022 would be the key to starting a more prosperous and just Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). He stressed that without electronic voting, as a corrective mechanism, there is no democracy, starting the economy, or improvement for the citizens.

Hadzikadic assessed that BiH will get a new government if electronic elections take place. Otherwise, he pointed out, it is time for citizens of BiH to say it’s enough.

If there are electronic elections in 2022, it would mean the beginning of a new, more prosperous and fair BiH. If it happens by chance that the politicians who are in power today are causing the elections to come into question, I think it is time for the citizens to take things into their own hands, in a peaceful way. If there is electronic voting, we have a new government. If it does not happen, I believe it is time for citizens to say – enough is enough, “ stated Hadzikadic.

He emphasized that, unfortunately, here in BiH, too much is expected of foreigners. He mentioned that “we are the ones who should change the situation in the country, but we are politically immature and unsophisticated.”

“This situation should not depend on foreigners, but we cannot agree on anything. The constitution is such that it gives the right and opportunity to those who do not want us to be well, to cause the situation which is not good for us. Frankly, as if the opposition does not exist. The foreigners are the ones who are left to determine everything for us, to connect us, and to give us orders. It seems to me that strong people who have some problems with the law suit them, so they can blackmail them and get what they want in the end. It is easiest to manage corrupt dictators by a larger power, and we have too many such people,Hadzikadic said.

“Electronic voting allows us freedom, it allows us to punish those who do not work in the interests of citizens and the state. Until there is the possibility of punishing the irresponsible, there can be no responsible behavior. They now have complete freedom to take as much as they want, to use the state as a cash machine,” noted Hadzikadic.

When it comes to possible sanctions against politicians, he assessed that the sanctions are good, but that they should not be felt by the citizens, but by the individuals who caused the current situation.

“Sanctions are not talked about, they are simply determined, announced, and ready to be put in force,” said Hadzikadic, adding that without a system there is no state and that the law must be the same for everyone.

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