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Have You applied for SPARK’s new Training?

Today’s support operators in complex IT environments have the task of balancing successfully in domains of IT, technical and communication literacy. Effective communication can equally provide customer satisfaction as much as a technical solution to the problem.

“For all those who want to become supporter operators (and maybe even support operators in one of SPARK group member companies, if they excel at the training), we organize a training through which you can learn how to provide technical assistance or solve a problem and ensure top quality customer service through communication skills. The focus will be on basic knowledge of Windows and Linux client operating systems, network basics, effective communication, workplace expertise, and teamwork. You can take a look at the plan and program here,” is announced from SPARK.

The pre-requirements for the training are English language skills in speech and script and basic informatics literacy. The training will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm starting on 22 May 2018. Apply by filling out a short form.

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