HE Višegrad Exceeded Production Plan by Three Months

Elektrana-naslovnaThe Director of the hydropower company on the Drina Mile Lakić said today to Srna that the plan for production of electricity at the hydro power plant Višegrad exceeded by 40 percent this year for three months.

“Thanks to the favorable hydrology, from the planned 310 megawatt hours of electricity, from January until the end of March we produced 420 megawatts an hour, and this trend will continue in April”, said Lakić.

At the power plant all three aggregate installed capacity of 315 megawatts are in operation, and in March these machines, from the planned 120 gig watts, produced 187 gig watts of electricity or 56 percent more than was planned.

“The operational readiness of the plant is at the maximum level possible’’, said Lakić.

At the hydro power plant Višegrad there was water flow of 1.200 cubic meters a second, even if the expected flow at this time of the year is around 400 cubic meters a second.

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