He was collecting Cans to survive, and now he is a Famous Model in Los Angeles

modelAjdin Sefer from Mostar, who lives and works in Los Angeles, became worldwide famous after he recorded video with Lady Gaga for the song “G.U.Y.” He is a successful model now and works with famous people, but it was not always like that. Ajdin is a true example that hard work, dedication and desire for success pays off, and confirms that the road to stars is covered with thorns.

He was born in Mostar, and during the war he moved to Jablanica and in 1999 he finally moved with his family to the United States. He was only 10 years old and on the end of the 3rd grade.

“We stayed at my uncle’s house for two months and then we moved to a new house. In order to pay the loans, my brother, mom and I were distributing newspapers after school and her job. Since that was not enough, we were collecting cans on the streets and bringing them to the stores where we would get the money for them. Eventually I bought the bike in order to cover more streets and earn more money,” said Ajdin.

While the other children were playing or sleeping, he was working. They managed to keep the house, and he finished the high school and went to college and started course of Business Administration.

He started modeling in Michigan, but shows were very rare because there was very small market. The biggest job then was his leading role in a commercial for clothing in Canada. Eventually, he decided to move to Los Angeles and make a career. However, it was hard and no one wanted to help him. He made several small jobs but he didn’t know anyone. Then he decided to apply on the advertisement on the Internet entitled “Recording music video for the pop star.” He applied as the model and after Lady Gaga saw his photo, he was chosen for main role in her video for the song “G.U.Y.”

He was not allowed to tell anyone about the video because it would violate the terms of the agreement, but he said to his mother, who kept quiet until the video came out. That video opened all doors for him. He started working for the magazine LA Fashion Week, filmed a video for Jennifer Lopez and some famous rappers, and has become the face of fashion brand of underwear “Envy,” and his commercials ended up all over the world. He also had a small role in the movie “I, Alex Cross” with Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox. He worked commercials and catalogs for clothing collection of the company Merrell and filmed a commercial for “GR Visitors Guide” and many other websites.

(Source: klix.ba)


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