HIFA OIL to supply Planes of Wizz Air with Fuel?

hifa 3The company for trade with oil and oil derivatives HIFA OIL from Tesanj signed a contract on the supply of aircraft of Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, at the International Airport Sarajevo. The realization of the contract and supply of aircraft of Wizz Air JET A1 with fuel will start on the 5th of April this year when Wizz Air is launching two flights between Budapest and Sarajevo on a weekly basis. Wizz Air is the first of the airline companies with which HIFA OIL signed a contract for this type of cooperation, which is using the services of the International Airport Sarajevo.

“This is another great success for HIFA OIL. With this contract, we opened a brand new sector where we have not been present before. We have demonstrated that we are able to fulfill the requests of international flight agencies. We have successfully passed very demanding legal procedures. We are using the most modern fuel tanks, we provided additional education for our workers and fulfilled all the conditions that were set for the inspection according to IATA standards. The International Airport Sarajevo received a domestic supplier, and healthy competition will make this, a very important service for the company and passengers, even better,” said Venan Hadziselimovic, the CEO of HIFA OIL.

The International Airport Sarajevo and the state of BiH are getting a lot with a new supplier, due to the increasing use of derivatives and paying higher fees to the country, as well as the influx of funds to the airport. Also, the International Airport Sarajevo with multiple suppliers will offer wider product range, and thus become more attractive to airline companies.

Wizz Air is the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, and it is operating with a fleet of 79 Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 aircraft, and it offers more than 500 relations from a total of 28 bases, and connecting 138 destinations in 40 countries. At Wizz Air, the team of 3000 professionals provides great service and very low prices of tickets, which is making Wizz Air the first choice for more than 23 million passengers in 2016.

HIFA OIL has been operating for 15 years, and it is a leader in the transport of oil and oil derivatives in BiH, with a 20 % share in the domestic market of white oil products, while it is the first in the distribution of black products on the domestic and regional markets in the field of asphalt construction in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and other regional countries.

This company supplies around 200 partners in BiH with a variety of fuels. HIFA OIL also supplies NATO forces with oil and fuel in BiH for a longer period of time.



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