Hike to the “Crni Vrh” in Memory of the Suffering of Bosniaks from Prozor

Crni Vrh Prijedor klix.baThe members of the Association of Detainees of B&H – The Association of Detainees “Prozor”, together with other associations arising from the war in the Municipality Prozor, organized yesterday the “Hike to the Crni Vrh” in memory of the suffering of Bosniak detainees in that area.

On the occasion of the memorial hike, the flowers were laid at the Memorial raised at Crni Vrh above Prozor, and Jasin was prayed for the killed detainees.

“Twenty two years ago, on July 31st 1993, members of the Croatian Defense Council took 54 Bosniaks from Prijedor from the camp in the High school to the area of Crni Vrh, tied them with a wire in a “human shield”, moving across the Makljen towards the positions of the Army of the RB&H. Twenty three detainees were killed, and 31 detainees managed to set themselves free by escaping into the woods”, said the president of the Association of Detainees of B&H Jasmin Meskovic.

He added that the second bus with around 50 detainees headed in the other direction, towards Gornji Vakuf. Luckily, those who were driving that group of detainees towards Gornji Vakuf run into the positions of the Fourth Split Brigade of the Croatian Army and the human reason prevailed; they returned those detainees towards Prijedor and did not allow using them as a human shield.

Meskovic pointed out that the hike to the Crni Vrh from the locality Makljen to the Crni Vrh is already being organized traditionally. The length of the route is a little over four kilometers in one and the same in the other direction.

The aim of the expedition is, he stated, to mark that route by which the detainees were being taken to the site of execution, which is the locality of Crni Vrh.

Meskovic pointed out that this is a way of paying tribute not only to the 23 killed detainees at the Crni Vrh, but to all the detainees in B&H.

(Source: sutra.ba)

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