Housewife from Cazin Senada Kapic reads more than 100 Books every Year

For Senada Kapic from the settlement of Kapici near Cazin, the book is the best friend, and she makes “friendships” with hundreds of new books on various topics every year. Although she never managed to graduate, she has two already grown children and she is also a hardworking woman from the village.

A few days ago, Senada received the award for the best reader of the City Library in Cazin. No one else was even near to the number of 130 books that she read in the past 12 months.

Early marriage prevented Senada from her dream of graduating from college, which she thought of enrolling later numerous times. However, as she says, she is now dreaming with her books.

“I always read, wherever I go my books are coming with me, on the road, in guests, at home, day after day, year after year. I read in the car, although many people cannot read the book while traveling in the car,” said Senada.

Her favorite domestic writer is Mesa Selimovic and global Gabriel García Marquez. She read all of their works a long time ago. Accordingly, her favorite book, as she said, after the Qur’an, is the “Fortress” by Mesa Selimovic and the “Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

“I’m reading that book over and over again. It is a real utopia of our lives. Are not we all sleeping and dreaming with our eyes wide open? Marquez wrote this book a long time ago, but, when you read it, you feel that it was written in the present time. This book has very strong and deep messages and I am glad that it has never been screened because I do not believe that it might be shown better than Marquez did it. The very fact that I sit here with you today and talk about him and the book speaks enough about his importance as a writer,” said Senada.

“Whenever I enter the library, I feel the scent of the books. It cannot be described in words. You can feel the scent of the old, book covers, the paper, and all of this somehow beautifully blends in, and there is no scent in the world like this. We should teach our children to at least smell the books, maybe they’ll start reading them as well.”

She added that there is no record on how many books she read so far, although the annual figure of books that she read never goes below one hundred. Still, as a reminder, she is keeping a diary of read books in which she writes quotes and theses that left a strong impression on her.

“One day when I am gone, I will leave it to my children as a memory of their mother,” concluded Senada at the end.

(Source: Muamer Coralic/Klix.ba)

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