Implementation of Project “Otkrij Posavinu” (Discover Posavina)

In the framework of the EU-funded project “Discover Posavina-Development and Promotion of Joint Tourism”, the first meeting of partners in this project was held in Sarajevo in the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Development (COOR).

The realization of this project is worth 211.225 euros, which is financed by the European union from funds of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). The COOR will implement the project in cooperation with the Center for Development of Inland Navigation (CRUP) from Croatia. The project began in December of last year.

The main objective of the project is the revitalization of the economy by encouraging the development of more well-known tourist offers and promotion of regional identity and tourism in the region of Posavina.

The ultimate beneficiaries of the project will be the tourist offices in the region of Posavina, tourists, local communities and citizens.

A number of thematic workshops are also planned, where touristic potential of all cities in the Posavina region that are included in the project will be presented, the possibility to create joint tourist offers, the establishment of the association of tourist organizations in Posavina, and the construction of a plan and mechanisms to promote regional identity and joint tourist offers.

The workshops are planned for the second half of March with the goal to bring together representatives of all tourist offices, municipalities and all others who are interested from the Posavina region.

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