Info service for entrepreneurship and investors has opened in Bihać

”Info service for entrepreneurship and investors” has opened in Bihać by the municipal authorities.

Mayor of Bihać Emdžad Galijašević said that by opening this service the municipality shows readiness to support its businessmen and entrepreneurs.

”In this office, three clerks will work to offer the help for entrepreneurs, which is the start of helping the business of Bihać in the time of economic crisis”, said Galijašević.

Service was opened on the suggestion of businessmen, who now have an office and personnel where they can give get all the necessary files and data that used to be hard to get.

”Businessmen will have a partner in the municipal administration. Info service will serve them to get the necessary information about conditions and manners of registration and doing business. Besides that, they will have the regional plan of Bihać, with the accent on commercial zones, and information about conditions and manner of registration of businesses, all in order to improve the overall situation in Bihać”, said Galijašević.

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