Interesting Story: Kristijan and Denis are Walkers of Sarajevo Dogs

12516019_1743138222589521_1542300699_nKristijan Jelic from Usora and Denis Juric from Vitez came in the capital of BiH for the same reason as most of their peers – to complete their studies. Due to the high costs of studying and accommodation in Sarajevo, they opted for an unusual job – walking dogs.

“We wanted to earn some pocket money, and not to expose our parents to some additional costs. My friend Kristijan came up with the idea of walking dogs, so we made posters, and then waited for almost a month to get a reply. We received a call from a lady and two months later, we are taking her dog in a walk every day and we are very pleased with our earnings,” said Denis Juric.

Denis is a student at the Franciscan-theological-philosophical faculty, and Kristijan at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and in both cases, their teachers have understanding for their obligations of walking dogs.

Price per hour is 10 BAM, which includes taking dog in a walk, and bringing a dose of socialization in dog’s habits. So far, we have only one dog that we are taking care of, Labrador Mary, and we can always arrange the price with the owners,” said these two students.

They added that their peers are now regretting for not thinking of this idea before them, although they were somewhat skeptic when they first started with the realization of this idea.

If you need someone to take care about your dog, Kristijan and Denis can be found on the Facebook page “Setanje pasa – Sarajevo”, or you can contact them by phone: 063 / 559-423 and 063 / 981-180.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)

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