The International Labor Day is a Reminder that we should never give up on the Fight for Workers’ Rights

niksicPresident of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) BiH Nermin Niksic congratulated the International Labor Day to citizens of BiH.

“Although the economic and social situation in BiH is quite difficult, and the working class is exposed to constant attacks on their basic rights, it is important to mark this kind of holiday. It is a reminder that the fight for the basic rights of workers and all people are worth it and that we should never give up on that fight,” said the President of SDP BiH.

In the last three years, added Niksic, BiH is a field for the collapse of basic rights to workers but also young people, retirees, farmers, unemployed and all those who are not part of that group that is gathered around the leaders of the ruling parties.

“However, we must never forget that they are as strong and powerful as we allow them. Thus we in the SDP have no doubt that we must be persistent in the fight against that kind of policies. Freedom, equality and a better life will not just come by itself, but we have to fight for this. Therefore, spend the upcoming holidays in the belief that we will continue the fight for these ideals and common goals even stronger and in a more persistent way in the future,” said the President of SDP BiH, as announced by that party.

(Source: klix.ba)


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