Interview with Mr.Hatunic: Young Gitarist and Creator of the very first Spot of Classical Music in BiH

The young artist and guitarist from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) capital Sarajevo Mirza Hatunic has recently presented his first spot for the composition of Serenata Espanola, and presented the classical music in a completely different way.

The composition is a work by Joaquin Malats, and it was created in the late 19th century.

With his music, Mr. Hatunic is trying to go back in the past when it was the music of an elite society. Today, great importance and attention is not paid to it.

However, his repertoire is varied and he is trying to take the best of a variety of musical performers.

His success is best explained by the fact that he has been working as a guitar teacher when he was only 20 years old and that he has successfully transferred his knowledge and experience to the youngest ones.

“My love for music started when I began with my music education in primary music school “Novo Sarajevo” in Ilijas. With advice from my parents I decided to play guitar and now I see that it was the right decision. Today shape of the guitar was from Spain. The most beautiful music for guitar is from Spain. For me Spanish music is a natural connection for guitar and myself,” Mr.Hatunic begins.

Mr. Hatunic has recently presented his first music spot for the composition Serenata Espanola, a work by Joaquin Malats, created in the late 19th century. The music spot is presented in a different way.

“I am very proud of that project because it is the very first spot of classical music in the music history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The audience reacted very well. The spot is broadcast on the commercial TV channel “Hayat”. The goal of the project is that people who are not introduced to classical music change the thinking about classical music, and the goal is accomplished. For me it is the most important thing about the whole project,” Mr. Hatunic explains.

He has been working as a music teacher since he was twenty years old, transferring knowledge and experience to the youngest ones. You are trying to take the best of a variety of music performers.

“Teaching is a natural way to share the secret of music. And because in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is no a professional classical music scene I hope that it will get better for the next generations of musicians. Of course, I do recognize some talents. Some of my students won several awards on the Federal Competition in April,” Mr. Hatunic adds.

Sarajevo Times: You have several offers from all around the world, the last one from Dubai, why have you decided to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina? What are the reasons? Can you give advice to young people who also want to play guitar, or to follow your steps?

“This is a hard question. My thinking about this one is that I want to stay in Bosnia for my whole life if the situation stays good for me. For me, material things are not important. But, if my family or my future wife and children can’t live a normal life in peace and have an average quality of life, I will leave. I hope that day will never come. Advice to young people who want to play the guitar is 1. Enjoy in playing, 2. Learn and seek for knowledge, 3. Believe in yourself,” Mr. Hatunic highlights.

On the question of where he sees himself in five years, Mr. Hatunic says he is not seeing himself in the future, it is more like dreaming and planning.

“I always work in the future. I work today for what I want to be in 10 years. I hope that in the next 5 years I will record my album, will be playing solo concerts and with my brother in the project “Hatunić Duo”, teaching new winners of competitions and sending more messages with my music. That is the point of music,” Mr.Hatunic concludes.

Interview by Zejna Yesilyurt


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