Inzko: 18 Years Since the Peace Agreement is an Opportunity for B&H to Move Forward

valentin_inzko-afp18 years since the peace agreement should be an opportunity to show the potential of this country and its citizens, stated the High Representative of B&H Valentin Inzko on the occasion of the 18 years since the Dayton Peace Agreement was signed.

He stated that outside of politics there are many talented people of different nationalities, who work together to achieve success in B&H in the business sphere, culture and sport.

“A good example is the success of the B&H football team by qualifying for the World Championship, as well as many many other examples. What is currently lacking in B&H is the political class focused on reforms and good governance, what is necessary for talented and ambitious people to achieve their full potential for success”, stated Inzko.

Also, he stated as a good example neighborhood countries, where political leaders are ready to seriously accept the process of EU integration.

“B&H citizens deserve lasting stability, efficient government and the opportunity for improvement of economic conditions. The year 2014 should not be a lost one- institutions and ruling parties in B&H still have time to improve the situation, through hard work and dedication. Also, they have the full support of international community”, concluded Inzko

(Source: Fena)

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