Inzko in Salzburg: Political Stability and Rule of Law are Foundations of Every Country


High Representative Valentin Inzko attends the 15th Conference of European Regions and Cities in Salzburg, organized by the Institut der Regionen Europas (IRE), under the honorary patronage of the Austrian President, Alexander van der Bellen.

Today, the High Representative participated in the panel discussion “Peace in the Western Balkans,” where he presented an overview of the current political situation in BiH, underscoring on the anniversary of the elections the urgent need for the formation of authorities at all levels, while at the same time respecting BiH international commitments.

The High Representative said that the focus should be on forward-looking agendas and important issues for the future, such as European integration and economic growth. “If the current trend is not reversed, BiH will be stuck in the past and will constantly lag behind the rest of the Western Balkans countries,” said the High Representative.

The High Representative also underlined the need to advance the rule of law in BiH: “The rule of law is the foundation of every country and for that reason, it must receive proper attention in BiH,” concluded the High Representative.


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