Issuing of Visas for entering of the Citizens of Syria stopped in B&H?

serviceIn the period from the 1st of January to the 30th of September this year, by following the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval for long stay visa (Visa D), the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs in B&H gave its approval for issuing of 910 visas, while 20 requests did not received the consent due to the failure to fulfill the conditions.

They give their agreement for issuance of a visa D mostly to the citizens of China, Libya, Syria, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

While analyzing the migration trends in B&H in the previous period, especially regarding the events of a massive influx of immigrants into neighboring countries, the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs noticed the increased number of requests for the issuance of short-term stay visa (Visa C) on the basis of vouchers, which the citizens of Syria are issuing in the Embassy of B&H in Abu Dhabi, Doha and Kuwait.

Moreover, the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs by operational work collected information that 8 Syrians legally on the basis of issued visas entered the territory of B&H, after which they illegally crossed on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, where they requested international protection and asylum, and several days later entered the EU.

This was indicating to the fact that the citizens of Syria might try to legally enter in B&H in the massive numbers, in order to join the mass movements of immigrants in neighboring countries on their way to the EU as their final destination, as said from the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs in B&H.

After that, the Service identified hotels whose vouchers these citizens had, and made a proper control and prevent 112 citizens of Syria to arrive, who applied in diplomatic and consular missions of B&H in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Doha.

In order to effectively prevent illegal migrations and contribute to the security of B&H, the Service coordinated activities with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after which they stopped issuing visas for entry and residence for all citizens of Syria on the basis of a Travel Voucher.

When it comes to the citizens of Syria, the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs approved/extended temporary stays in 64 cases, while permanent residence is approved for 7 citizens of Syria, in the first 9 months of this year.

(Source: klix.ba)

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