Italians Interested in Investing in Teslić

The mayor of Teslić municipality Milan Miličević announced during his official visit last weekend in Verona that in the next period there will be concrete cooperation between Teslića and this region of Italy.

The cooperation specifically relates to investment, before all in the timber and metal industry, as well as renewable energy resources and cooperation in the area of sport, culture and tourism.

During his three-day visit, Miličević met with Paolo Paternoster, the President of the AGSM group. It is the leading group in the field of energy. He also met with a group of businesspeople interested in investing in the timber industry.

‘’The interest of businesspeople from Italy, above all for the timber industry “Novo Borja” is huge. From our side, we have done everything and on a recent visit to our municipality they visited this industry’’, said Miličević. He added that now it is up to the RS government to prepare all the necessary documentation and implementation, and to shorten the necessary procedures necessary for investment.

The mayor of Teslić visited Vicenza and met with a group of people from Teslić who are currently employed in this part of Europe.

‘’The particular interest in Teslić represents the several thousand of our citizens in this part of Italy”, added the mayor of Teslić, and he announced the upcoming visit by representatives of several business entities from Italy to this municipality.

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