Izetbegovic on the Departure of Citizens from BiH: Israelis were also expelled 2.000 Years ago, but they eventually returned

On Wednesday, Bakir Izetbegovic, the President of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) commented on the fact that a large number of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) spend Ramadan outside their country, as well as the fact that the number of people leaving our country is increasing every day.

Izetbegovic, as a guest on the Ramadan program of Hayat television, touched on many current topics. He also answered whether there is any concept that will be dedicated to the return of young people to this country.

“For now, we can only slow down the process, we can’t offer such a concept when organized like this at the moment. Many compare Dayton Agreement to a ”crazy shirt”. I compare it to a cast or some fixative, which is supposed to save the patient, relieve, to make certain things heal, but which prevents us from moving. One day it needs to be taken off and start moving and creating a normal state. I consider Dayton as a temporary state, and as long as it lasts, while we are such a confusing and complicated state in which the economy suffers because of that, young people will leave, because they are attracted by well-organized systems, states, cities where they can easily get a job and have security and a certain future, ” told Izetbegovic.

Izetbegovic sees optimism on this issue in the example of the Israelis, who, as the president of the SDA said, were expelled from Israel two thousand years ago, but they managed to return eventually because it was not suitable for them anywhere else.

“Ireland is also instructive in that regard, it had a horrible problem with its neighbors, possibly worse than we have. So at one point half of its population either died or left Ireland. The United States (U.S.) is full of Irish people. Until 30-40 years ago that was a sad country, with a low birth rate and terrible social problems. After that, they made a well-organized state and economy and experienced an incredible boom. They have arguably the highest birth rate in Europe. People from the U.S. are returning to Ireland. We also need to create a state that will attract people to return and immigrate, and it is possible with a proper system that will attract people like a magnet. BiH can explode in a positive sense,” as Izetbegovic pointed out, Klix.ba writes.


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