“Jahorina Express“ Gondola in the function from 2017

Jahorina express gondolaIn the premises of the Municipality Pale, a protocol was signed yesterday on the joint cooperation of the Municipality Pale and company Majnex d.o.o. on the realization of the project of building gondola “Jahorina Express“.

The project of building gondola “Jahorina Express“ is of strategic and historical importance for the Municipality Pale because it should connect Pale and Olympic mountain Jahorina.

“By building this gondola Pale shoul get more benefit from the tourism on Jakorina through filling accommodations on Pale, opening and building of new, but also the furhter development of tourist products and services. Historical dimension of the project is in the fact that this is the first project of an institution such as the Municipality Pale and company Majnex, where we will together try to apply towards funds in order to provide funding for the construction of gondola“, said Chief of the Municipality Pale, Miodrag Kovacevic.

Company Majnex d.o.o had so far done the most of the job on the construction of the gondola such as access roads, parking facilities, objects on the starting station, road to the relay station, tunnel, works at the exit station, artificial lake, drains, solving of property and legal relations and preparation of the documentation.

He stated that ecological and other permissions were completes, and stated that the gondola should be in the function from 2017.

Gondola “Jahorina Express“ will be consisted of 40 columns. Starting station is 700 meters remote from the main road Sarajevo-Pale-Praca, at an altitude of 920 meters.

The distance from the relay station is 3.100 meters and is at an altitude on 1.411 meters at Ravna planina, which has great tourist potential, and if used properly, it can be transformed into a Nordic ski center.

Total capacity of the parking space at the starting station is 500 cars and 35 buses.


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