First Steps Towards the Re-Export of Milk to the EU made

milk exportUntil 12th April. BiH will send answers to the questionnaire of the Office for food of the EU (FVO) about whether it will be able to establish the chain of the control of milk and how it will do it, said Mirko Sarovic, new-old Minister of the foreign trade and economic relations of BiH, at the press conference yesterday.

Sarovic said that the common agreement has been reached at intensive meetings of work groups, that were attended by entity experts in this field.

Thus it has been agreed that the central authority, that will guarantee to the EU countries that the milk that comes from BiH is of the quality they are looking for, will be the Veterinary Offices of BiH.

This is one of two recommendations that BiH has to fulfill in order to get a green light for the export of milk to the EU, i.e. to Croatia, that was one of he largest export markets for our milk producers, and that, after entering the EU, closed its borders for our milk because it does not meet all required standards.

“Until 12th April, or maybe even today, FVO will get an answer that BiH is ready to establish a central responsible body and that it is going to change key laws that treat this issue. It is primarily about amendments to the Veterinary Law of BiH that will guarantee the realization of this project in a manner as the EU requires. After tha, we have to implement it quickly. It is an opportunity to see whether all of us are for the project that is for the common good“, emphasized Sarovic.

Sarovic reminded that there will be no export of milk to the EU without legislative changes and it must be clear to everyone.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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