Japanese Embassy is organising the 7th International Manga Award

manga1The Embassy of Japan in BiH announced a call for entries for the Seventh International Manga Award

The International Manga Award was established in May 2007 upon the initiative of then-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Taro Aso with the aim of awarding Manga creators who contribute to the spread of Manga culture overseas. It has been held every year since its establishment. This year as well, the Seventh International Manga Award Executive Committee decided to hold the Seventh International Manga Award.

The best Manga from among all of the submitted works will be awarded the Gold Award. The next three best Manga shall receive the Silver Award. Recipients will be invited to Japan by the Japan Foundation to attend the award ceremony. During the stay in Japan, they will also have exchanges of opinions with Japanese Manga creators and to visit publishing companies and other places.

Application period is Monday, April 15 – Friday, May 31.

Embassy of Japan in BiH has also announced a call for Mext scholarships for 2014, and four different programs of scholarships for BiH students who want to study in Japana as a part of the Ministry of Education and Science of Japan scholarship program have been offered.

Deadline for submission of applications is 7 June 2014.

Program of scholarships include students researchers, undergraduates, students of technological faculties and students for professional training.

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