Representatives of FIPA and Tuzla Canton visited Srebrenik

SrebrenikYesterday, as a part of AFTERCARE program for 2013, representatives of the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship of Tuzla Canton and Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of BiH (FIPA) have continued visits to economic subjects in the area of Tuzla Canton that have elements of foreign investments.

The talks were done with the head of Srebrenik Municipality Sanel Buljubašić and with manager of company Zaharex d.o.o. Srebrenik Harun Hasanović.

Zaharax company is the lead producers of mattresses, bed covers and similar products in BiH, and with their representatives it was talked about the experience of doing business in BiH, obstacles and problems they may encountered and about the future plans.

This visit was realized through the network for post investment support to foreign investors in BiH, which is made of FIPA as the coordinator of the activity, competent institutions of FBIH, cantons and municipalities, and which is regulated by the agreement on cooperation between BiH Council of Ministers and International Financial Corporation on the project of improving the business environment in BiH.

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