Karamehic: Politicians should be criminally charged for so many Dead from COVID-19

Prof. dr. Jasenko Karamehic, the immunologist, believes that the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) do not know when the vaccines against COVID-19 will come and that he expects them to be criminally charged for so many dead people in BiH.

While speaking for the BHT1 live show, prof. dr. Jasenko Karamehic, a world-renowned immunologist, said that when it comes to the world countries, vaccination started on December 8th last year in the United Kingdom (U.K.), on December 12th in the United States of America (USA), in neighboring countries on December 27th last year, and that vaccination is being carried out widely.

“From December 27th until today, all death cases in BiH can be attributed to this government. They didn’t do anything, they didn’t get a single vaccine, they don’t know when or what kind of vaccine will come. I don’t know what these people are doing, for what they are getting their salary for, why they are not resigning, ” Karamehic told.

Commenting on the statement of a member of the Presidency of BiH that he does not feel responsible for this situation, in which we have become a black hole when it comes to the vaccination, Karamehic says that they use budget money, they are responsible since they were elected, they took an oath for that job, which they do not perform well.

”In this process, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the Federal Government have failed to prove themselves, since they only blamed each other. The event that happened on Tuesday, more precisely the vaccine delivery done by President Vucic was a terrible hit and a humiliation for us, citizens of BiH. But, I thank him. He brought the first vaccine in BiH. He didn’t have to do it, ” as Karamehic stated.

Furthermore, he said that Vucic could give those vaccines to his country because they have four types of vaccines, since he has been preparing for the vaccine procurement since August and September last year, and he saw that COVAX is a dead program of the European Union (EU) that the EU itself said could not realize it.

“Our politicians are not able to get any vaccine. COVAX is a dead program, it is a collective system, charity from the rich. Many more people will die needlessly, the economy will be devastated. If all of this continues in this way, we will experience a pandemic whole this year and we will remain a black hole, ” Karamehic noted.

Commenting on the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Bisera Turkovic, that these are Covid Shield vaccines for poor countries, Karamehic says that it is the same vaccine.

“It’s the same vaccine – it’s licensed by Oxford Zeneca to India, which has a factory and Institute known for decades and with a great tradition in which various vaccines are made, which also has a great reputation due to the size of India with a billion and 400 million inhabitants. The U.K. gave it to them because they can produce billions of vaccines. “

He asked Turkovic why she did not get vaccines, adding that President Vucic had brought not only 5.000, but 10.000 vaccines.

“It’s not a small number – it’s a lot because revaccination is in three months. 10.000 people can be revaccinated, that is a large number, considering that our authorities did not procure anything. The next delivery of the AstraZeneca is at the end of May, according to COVAX, ” Karamehic stated.

Karamehic did not want to comment on the fact that 4.052 people have died from the coronavirus in FBiH so far, which is 19.3 percent more than the 5-year average. He said that BiH is second in Europe in terms of mortality and fifth or seventh in the world because there are no immunologists at the Crisis Staff. He adds that two-thirds of the population should be vaccinated during a pandemic that is moderate and controlled.

“The situation we have is already out of control, this is a crisis. We will have to go with a much larger number of vaccinated, maybe 80 or 90 percent to stop this pandemic. If we are not able to vaccinate at least 10 percent, how can we stop the epidemic, ” said Karamehic.

He also explains how it takes several months for vaccines to be distributed, and how different vaccines are given in different ways, some in two doses, Sputnik V in three weeks, Pfizer in 28 days, and AstraZeneca in 8-12 weeks…

“It means that we will start with the vaccination in September, October, the end of the year, at best. They don’t know that and they don’t consult experts to advise them about it. They marginalized me and the profession, science, immunology, and medicine. I expect them to be prosecuted and they have to be charged for so many dead people and people who will die soon, ” prof. dr. Jasenko Karamehic concluded, BHRT writes.

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