Kavazović Thanked Great Britain on Remembering Srebrenica

husein kavazovicSarajevo – The Grand Mufti of the Islamic Community in B&H Husein Kavazović attended the Living Islam Festival in London. He was invited by the Foundation “Remembering Srebrenica” from London.

The Foundation Remembering Srebrenica, led by Wagar Azmi, keeps memory of the genocide in Srebrenica and spreads the truth about the crimes that happened to the Bosniaks.

The Living Islam Festival was held in London from July 31st until August 3rd this year.

In his presentation at this gathering, Kavazović thanked the Government of the Great Britain in the name of all Muslims in B&H for deciding to keep memory of the genocide in Srebrenica on the territory of GB.

“Also, this is an opportunity to thank the brave individuals and enthusiasts who confronted this terrible crime at the end of the XX century in our country. I owe a special gratitude to doctor Azmi on his dedication and the effort he is being putting into preservation of this awareness.” – said Kavazović.

(Source: Fena)

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