Komsic urges Serbian President to suspend Strategy that threatens Peace in the Balkans


Adoption of the Strategy for Defense and National Security of Serbia would be a violation of regional peace and stability, and would be an introduction to new tensions in the Western Balkans, as it would be an act of open hostility towards the state of Bosnia- Herzegovina, was stated by BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic.

As he emphasized, in order to preserve peace, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is obliged to suspend the Strategy immediately, before it is too late, reminding that in Bosnia- Herzegovina there are still fresh wounds since the last Serbian aggression and genocide committed.

“Let them be sure that we will not allow this to happen again,” Komsic said, recalling that Serbia is no guarantor of the Dayton peace agreement.

The signatories to the General Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH, Komsic added, including the former Yugoslavia and today its legal successor, the Republic of Serbia, have pledged to recognize and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH and have no authority over BiH in this regard.

In the accompanying letters, which are an integral part of the Dayton Peace Agreement, former Yugoslavia, the present-day Republic of Serbia, committed itself to a number of elements that are in complete contradiction to what is proposed in the Strategy, especially in the part concerning the military and defense aspects, Komsic added.

“If they intend to abandon the Dayton Peace Accords in Serbia, let them say so, it will be our pleasure to do things differently in BiH,” BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic stated, Federal News Agency reports.


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