Catholics and Muslims celebrate Christmas together in Retirement Home in BiH


There are currently 77 persons of the Catholic religion in the Retirement Home in Tuzla, and they celebrated Christmas together with their Orthodox and Muslim friends.

Users of the Retirement Home of the Orthodox and Islamic religions prepared greeting cards for their Catholic friends in the previous days, and they handed them over on Christmas, which brought special joy and warmth into their hearts.

Ljuba Divkovic from the settlement Lipnica has been living in the Retirement Home in Tuzla for four years, and she celebrated Christmas with her friends who live in this institution as well.

Sadeta Hasicic from Lukavac has been living in this institution for five years, and she feels great joy about Christmas just like her Catholic friends.

Ljuba Piric said that it is an incredible feeling when the Orthodox and Muslim friends stop by to congratulate you Christmas holidays.

“There’s nothing better than that. Trust me, we do not wish anything more. We are all as one and we are trying to celebrate all the holidays together,” stated Ljuba.

On the occasion of Christmas, the management of the Retirement Home in Tuzla has prepared festive lunch for all users, and this great holiday was celebrated in this institution in this way as well.

Users of this Retirement Home stated that they are all equal in this institution, there are no differences for them, and they welcome every holiday together, in a great mood, and with a lot of warmth and positive spirit.

Besides the common life, they also show that the elderly life brings numerous benefits, but only if we use in a right way all the benefits that life gives us.

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)

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