Kurz: Western Balkan is a Priority for Austria

The Western Balkans is a key priority for foreign and European policy of Austria, as well as its presidency over the EU, as stated by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who interceded for urgent termination of negotiations with Turkey.

“Oferring fair chances and a reliable path towards the EU to Western Balkan countries is in the political, economic and security interest of the European block,” stated Kurz.

He stated that the EU should terminate accession negotiations with Turkey and search for another kinds of cooperation with that country.

Kurz also added that Turkey moved away from Europe and its values step by step in the previous years, as well as that Austria always supported good relationship with Ankara.

Austrian Chancellor welcomed the agreement between Greece and Macedonia on the name, and noted that Austria supports the enlargement of the EU to the Western Balkans, as stated by the European Enlargement Commissioner Johanes Hahn.

“We welcome the agreement between the two sides. That shows that constant negotiations and diplomacy are giving results,” concluded Kurz.

(Source: N1)



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