Who is the Lady that knows Helicopter better than Eyeliner? 

TanjaTanja Krstović is a woman from Banja Luka who knows the Mi-8T helicopter better than eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick. At the first sight, Tanja seems like any other girl. However, what makes her different than the others is her very specific profession and love she feels for her job.

Tanja is a lieutenant of the Armed Forces of BiH and currently performs the duty of commander of quality control in the 1st Helicopter Squadron of the Air Force Brigade and Air Defense. She graduated from the Air Force Military Academy and passed some additional training, acquiring the title of a flight engineer.

Her working day consists of maintenance of aircraft, checkups of helicopters and flight activities. Tanja says that the job she performs is very responsible and challenging, but with professional approach and dedication it is far from difficult.

“I really cannot imagine myself doing anything else but this. I found myself in the Armed Forces of BiH. I somehow strengthened my character and personality. Apart from being trained to respond to all military tasks, we often show humanity too and serve our citizens in extraordinary situations such as fires, floods and show storms. It feels good to help others and know that people feel safer with us,” says Tanja Krstović.

(Source: klix.ba)

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