Very precious Thombstones found in Jablanica

stecak armin medinBy the process of discharging of water from the artificial Jablanica lake, tombstones from Middle Ages, which were submerged in 1953 by the formation of the lake, immersed again.

Two other tombstones on the site Gostinovac near the Ribicki bridge were found. The terrain where the tombstones are located belongs to the municipality of Jablanica. Two tombstones are very precisely carved that even today’s best stonemasons could envy.

On one tombstone, a traces of art ie. decorations with geometric and floral motifs could be noticed, while the second tombstone does not have any motifs. Both tombstones are built with the base and in the form of the house. However, it cannot be said with certainty whether there was located more tombstones.

Since they are located on very steep terrain there is a possibility that they set off towards the bed of the Neretva River.

Tombstones are medieval tombstones, that were created from the 12th to mid-15th century. At different parts of BiH, different names are used for tombstones such as mašet, bilig, kami, kuća, Zlamenje, Kaursko groblje, divovsko kamenje and svatovsko groblje.

At the fourth session of the Municipal Council of Jablanica held three days ago, the initiatives for the relocation of two tombstones from the already mentioned sites Jablanica, was presented.

Immediately after starting of the initiative, contacts with the Commission for Preservation of National Monuments were made and their representatives visited the site and gave the approval for relocation.

Yesterday, the tombstones were displaced from the previously mentioned location. Skeletons were found under and will be analyzed in the coming days.

(Source: klix/ photo Armin Medin)

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