Lejla’s wool Products are on the Shelves of the Markets in the Region

After an unusual story was published in news about Lejla Mandzuka-Smajic from Travnik, who processes wool according to the old principle, business offers began to arrive. Pramenka sheep wool products can now be found on the shelves of large regional markets.

As she explains how the first woolen heart was created a few years ago, first out of her own needs and hobbies, she points out that today it is pure love woven into each of her handmade, completely organic products.

And the first products, which naturally remove impurities from the skin and solve many dermatological problems, have been recognized by cosmetic markets, so Lejla’s wool has found its way onto shelves throughout our region. The hobby soon grew in favor of about twenty women, who created a brand with the technique of crochet and felt knitting. The business was briefly halted by the pandemic, but encouraged by the results, they try to get back on track and don’t give up.

“In the upcoming period, I intend to expand production. According to the statistics from drugstores that we received last year, we were the best-selling mechanical face remover. That is very commendable and good, but it is not even close to what it was before the pandemic, ” added Mandzuka-Smajic.

A useful product will continue to be made from wool, which mostly ends up in wild landfills – with one mold, little time, and a lot of patience.

In the coming period, they intend to expand the range and production, so that tons of unused natural wool sheep Pramenka from our mountains, thanks to the enthusiasm of these women from Travnik, will become a useful natural product. And as it is said, perseverance is the recipe for success, along with love, with which success is guaranteed, Federalna writes.


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