Letter from a Serbian Officer in the BiH Armed Forces: We will not rush after Dodik

The Member of the Assembly of the Republika Srpska (RS), Nebojsa Vukanovic, published a letter from a high-ranking officer of the Armed Forces (AF) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) about Milorad Dodik’s initiative for Serbs from this state institution to join the “RS Army” which he plans to form.

Vukanovic did not want to publish the name of the officer so as not to cause him a problem in the service, but he published the entire letter on his blog Nebojsavukanović.info, in which the officer stated that Serbian soldiers did not care about Dodik.

“Vukan, good morning, and I’m sorry to bother you! I feel the need to inform you about some important things and give you some advice. Namely, in the AFBiH, among Serbs, there is some ignorant behavior towards the Dodik’s announcements about withdrawing people from institutions. In my opinion, over 80 percent of soldiers and officers are against Dodik and his entourage, we will not rush after him in these dangerous adventures and leave the service in the Third RS Infantry Regiment of the AFBiH, ” the officer wrote to Vukanovic.

Namely, Milorad Dodik claimed that a survey was conducted among the soldiers of the AFBiH and that 70 percent of Serbs decided to leave this institution. An anonymous officer explained to the public that only generals in the AFBiH, appointed according to the political lines, support Dodik.

“We, Serbs in the AFBiH, are incomparably more educated and professional compared to Bosniaks and Croats since we have graduated from military schools and academies, but we are less organized from top to bottom. Over time, our expertise and past, that others once respected are now faded. We are also to blame and some of our Serbs, we were unworthy because we sold thefaith for dinner due to petty personal interests. However, in the case of Dodik’s decisions, nothing will happen. We will all go to work because the generals do not have the authority and trust of soldiers and junior officers, and no one will listen to them, ” the officer wrote.

He also asked Vukanovic to mention soldiers in the AFBiH more often in his speeches and to point out the following few points.

There has never been the slightest nationalist incident among former enemies from the three armies.

From 2009 onwards, the amounts of salaries and related allowances for officers and soldiers have been reduced twice.

People do not live with their families.

Dodik said that we are a foreign mercenary organization, even though the AFBiH and the Third Infantry Regiment of RS are officers who died in the Patriotic War and created the RS.

Dodik does not approve of the use of helicopters, because they are barely functional and thus “saves” the lives of the pilots, ie. directly insults me in that way.

Bribery, corruption, and crime in the AFBiH experienced expansion during the time of Boris Jerinic, while he was Deputy Minister of Defense, and all that with a price list (employment for a civilian 5.000 BAM, transfer from 3.500 to 6.000, transfer to a higher rank of the officer from 3.000 to 7.000, consent to go on a peacekeeping mission 10 percent of what was earned in the mission).

Speaking about this last point, more precisely bribery and corruption, the officer told that he knew about it reliably because he knew people who paid, but also those who did not want to.


Source: Klix.ba

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