Lifeless Body of a Migrant found near the City of Cazin

A lifeless body was found on Monday night in the settlement of Trzac, a few kilometers from Cazin, near the border with Croatia, and it is suspected that it is a migrant. According to Ale Siljdedic, a spokesperson for the Una Sana Canton Ministry of the Interior, last night at around 8 pm, the police received an anonymous telephone report that a body had been spotted by the roadside, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

“Police went to the scene and determined that it was the lifeless body of a man on an improvised stretcher. The body was covered with a blanket, and the identification card of a migrant camp located in Macedonia was found in his clothes. According to the data, it is a 40-year-old migrant from Pakistan, but these data have yet to be verified and determined whether they are credible, “Siljdedic said.

He added that the examination of the corpse established that there were no injuries or traces of a violent death. He pointed out that it is suspected that the deceased man was in a group that tried to cross the border with Croatia, but that he died for reasons that will be determined by an autopsy.

The body was transported to the Cantonal Hospital in Bihac, and according to the police, this is the 35th death since the beginning of the migrant crisis when it comes to illegal foreign citizens.

“Unfortunately, this year alone there are nine such cases. When it comes to the security situation, about 3,000 migrants are placed in camps, and twice as many are outside those camps. We have a slightly smaller number of incidents, but the influx of migrants is still in continuity between 150 and 200 a day “, pointed out Siljdedic.

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