Lords attended Gala Dinner organized by the Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the UK


The Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina in its premises in London organized a gala dinner on Monday evening.

Featured guests were a former member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, dr. Haris Silajdzic; Viscount Younger James Leckie; Minister of Community and Faith, Lord Nick Bourne from Aberystwyth, president “Remembering Srebrenica” organization; baronesa nosheen Mobarik CBE; patron “Remembering Srebrenica” organization, Ms. Alicia Kearns MP; Mr. Martin Bell OBE, Ambassador for UNICEF and former BBC war reporter; Mr. Andrew Page, Director for Western Balkans at the Office for Foreign Relations; dr. Waqar Azmi OBE, Director of the “Remembering Srebrenica” organization, employees of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of BH community in the UK and many other friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ambassador Filipovic took the opportunity to thank them all on the continuing work on the preservation of commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide, honor the victims and survivors and to ensure that such atrocities never happen again.

Mr. Silajdzic noted the unique posture of the United Kingdom to take a leading role in promoting the true values in Bosnia and the world, while Minister James Younger and Mr. Page said that the interest of Great Britain for the Western Balkans will not decrease, regardless of BREXIT, out of Great Britain from the European Union.

In 2019, more than 1,100 events were held in the UK, which was attended by a large number of people. Besides the commemoration, the organization ” Remembering Srebrenica ” working in schools across the country and through educational packages on the lessons learned from the genocide in Srebrenica and other educational activities, working with more than 95,000 children.

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