“M1 Prava Za Mlade” Initiative for a Transparent and Effective Scholarship Policy

prava_za_mladeIntiative “M1 Prava za mlade” of the Youth Development Institute KULT in its program advocates, among other things, for establishment of a transparent and effective policy of scholarships in B&H.

They consider that is necessary to create a complete new scholarship policy in B&H, coordinated between all the levels of government in accordance with the maximum budget options to increase the number of scholarships and their amount.

Also, they advocate for scholarship classification, for young people of poor economic situation and those who has good academic results, as well as to change the scholarship policy in context of scholarship influence to encourage students in the direction of gaining skills required in the labor market.

In addition, they claim that is necessary to rigorously regulate the transparency of scholarship distribution with precisely arranged the award criteria with a system of sufficient information in order to increase availability and to ensure equal opportunities to all pupils and students in getting scholarships.

The initiative states that 9 out of 10 pupils and students in B&H does not receive any scholarship.

They point out that the percentage of young people who drop out the education system in EU countries in 2012 was approximately 13%, while in FB&H in 2013, that percentage was as high as 33 %.

“Although, the majority of young people in B&H who drops out the education system does so due to financial reasons, the current policy does not identify the problem of weak financial support to B&H young people during the education process”, announced PR of M1 Initiative.

(Source: Fena)

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