Maestro Nuhanovic at “Days of Bosnian Music in Turkey“

maestro Emir NuhanovicOn the proposal of BH Ambassador in the Republic of Turkey, Damir Dzaka, the concert titled “Days of Bosnian Music in Turkey“ will be held in October this year, as agreed on Friday, 27th February in the Direction of Turkish opera and ballet.

The delegation was consisted of the Ambassador Dzanko, dr. Rahman Ademi, the director of Yunus Emre Institute for Balkans, Aida Yanik, the representative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the republic of Turkey and maestro Emir Nuhanovic.

The delegation was welcomed by the General director of the Turkish opera and ballet, Selman Ada. Besides mentioned concert, the future cooperation of maestro Nuhanovic with this most important musical institution in Turkey was agreed.

The same delegation had also visited the Presidential Orchestra in Ankara and talked with the director of this orchestra, Aycan Sancar. The recent hosting of this Orchestra in BiH, and that is in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar, was agreed.

Emir Nuhanovic, as the conductor of these concerts, will propose the program in the coming days. Few more concerts in Istanbul were also planned. This is a great recognition for our artist, who had successfully led the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra from 1994 to 2007.

The world renowned experts of his work, as opposed to local artists, have recognized qualities of maestro Nuhanovic, who gets numerous invitations as from countries from region as well as from Turkey to cooperate with their musical institutions.


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