Magazinovic: There should be no Negotiations on the Election Law until the Work of BiH Institutions is unblocked

Sasa Magazinovic, SDP’s member of the Parliament, of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), gave his position on the meetings due to the Election Law in BiH, which will follow in the upcoming days.

It is important to mention that envoys of the United States (U.S.)and the European Union (EU), Matthew Palmer and Angelina Eichhorst arrived in Sarajevo last night to discuss electoral reforms in BiH. Meetings with party leaders and representatives of BiH institutions were planned, and Palmer has already announced in which direction he hopes talks will go.

Among other things, Palmer and Eichhorst are expected to sit down with Milorad Dodik, who has been hampering all processes at the state level for a while. Sasa Magazinovic is talking about that when he says that negotiations on the election law should not take place until the BiH institutions are unblocked.

“At the moment, the only correct thing to say in meetings with international representatives is that there will be no negotiations on the Election Law until the work of the institutions is unblocked. Everything else has elements of blackmail, or to sayhostage crises,” Magazinovic wrote on Twitter.

Namely, when Palmer talked to party representatives from BiH about election reforms earlier this month, Magazinovic met with him on behalf of the SDP.


Source: Klix.ba

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