Commander Eric Folkestad: NATO continues to support the BiH Authorities

”NATO continues to support the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in their efforts to achieve greater stability and security, ” it was announced by the NATO Staff in Sarajevo after a visit by Staff Commander Eric Folkestad to Doboj.

”Support in civilian emergencies and arms control are just two areas in which NATO continues to support the authorities in BiH in the interest of greater security of citizens, ” Folkestad pointed out yesterday during his two-day visit.

Brigadier General Folkestad visited the Technical Workshop for Repair and Destruction of Ammunition (TROM) Doboj and thanked the people who have a responsible and difficult task of importance for public safety, and includes testing and destruction of old, often corroded, and unstable ammunition.

”NATO is one of the organizations that supported the destruction of almost 27.000 tons of ammunition and explosives in BiH, but much remains to be done. We know that improperly stored and unstable ammunition and weapons pose a risk to public safety and we are cooperating to address these issues with the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH), the Joint Committee on Defense and Security of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly (PABiH) and organizations such as the European Union (EU) and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The people who work in this workshop in Doboj serve the public in an important way, make BiH safer for future generations, with the support of NATO, our allies, and theinternational community, ” told General Folkestad.

He concluded the visit with a meeting with the Mayor of Doboj, Boris Jerinic, together with the Deputy Minister of Defense, Okolic, and the Commander of the 6th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Jovic.

”Apart from the Covid pandemic, the long-term partnership between the AFBiH, NATO, and municipalities across BiH was discussed. The 2014 floods in BiH are the best example of that partnership, ” it was said.

”When Doboj was hit by floods, NATO was among the first to be on the spot, helped bring the Health Center back to its purpose, and supported the users of the Home for the Elderly. That is what NATO does. We are there for our friends when needed. At other times, we work in partnership with the authorities to make everyone safer – either by helping rescue services prepare for floods, helping with Covid or by helping to destroy mines and surplus of unstable ammunition, ” Folkestad explained.


Source: Avaz

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