Members of the Armed Forces of BiH do not ask for “higher Pensions than Salaries”

The Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) reacted with a press release to media reports about how members of the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH) “Want higher pensions than salaries”.

”Regarding media announcements of incomplete and inaccurate information related to the exercise of the right to a pension of members of the AFBiH residing in the Federation of BiH(FBiH), in order to objectively and truthfully inform the public, we state the following:

Members of the AFBiH, residents of the FBiH, exercise the right to a pension in accordance with Chapter V of the Law on Service in the AFBiH, according to which all members of the AFBiH have the same retirement conditions.

By their regulations, the institutions of the FBiH divided the members of the AFBiH into three payment groups, whereby retired members of the AFBiH, as well as those members with the right to retire, after March 1st, 2018, are in a much more unfavorable position than all previously retired.

Differences in payments for certain categories of retired members of the AFBiH range up to 700 BAM.

Compared to all other categories, only for members of the AFBiH in FBiH, based on the Law on Service in the AFBiH, financial resources for this purpose are provided from contributions for pension and disability insurance of military insured and from the budget, which represents a significant amount of fund PIO/MIO.

Based on this fact, the Ministry of Defense of BiH has launched an initiative to adjust the pensions of all military-insured persons.

Based on the initiative of the Ministry of Defense of BiH, some members of the FBiH Parliament drafted a proposal for regulations on special harmonization of pensions of military insured persons.

According to that proposal, the category of retired military insured persons in the period after March 1st, 2018, would not have “higher pensions than salaries”, as was stated by some media.

This proposal of individual members of the Parliament of the FBiH would equalize the rights of all military-insured persons and would ensure equal retirement opportunities for the same categories of professional military personnel.

Also, the proposed solutions would not have an impact on other categories of pensioners in the FBiH.


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